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masculine Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

Brazilian is all of the brief hair around the pubic bone.  It does ‘not‘ include the testicle area or penis.  If these are required you need a Hollywood.

If you suffer with any loss of touch/feeling on any part of your body.

If you suffer with diabetes or any blood thinning ailments that can cause your skin to bruise easily.

Any contagious skin conditions.

Clients taking Roaccutane – Must wait 6-12 months after finishing their medication.

Any broken skin or sunburn.

A doctors letter may be required.

Sarah is the therapist who specialises in this area, she has been doing this kind of waxing going on for 15 years and has performed thousands of women/men’s waxes, she is considered to be an expert in this field. This is a very specialised area and requires a lot of experience and professionalism.

Have you heard of the terms Metrosexual males or Manscaping? Body builders, athletes, models, gay guys, dancers and just regular men all want waxing.  It is not just a woman thing anymore, it’s in the main stream.  Male grooming is one of the fastest growing procedures we perform.   We also have a lot of men who wax because it makes them feel cleaner and sexier. 

Warning!! Once you wax for your significant other, you wont want to go back to hair.

Sarah asks all of her clients to be thoroughly showered before attending a waxing appointment.
You will be taken to a very professional, clean and private room. The therapist will leave the room for you to undress. You will lay on top of the bed face up and cover yourself with a towel. We do our best never to expose you, but obviously if you are having the Hollywood, all will need to be exposed. Sarah being the professional that she is very quickly puts you at ease. You will be sent home with an aftercare leaflet which will be explained to you at the appointment

Sarah has been waxing men and women for going on 15 years. Having performed thousands of Brazilian/Hollywood wax’s on men and over 10,000 on women, it has been a long learning experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t. It is a matter of pride for her to be the best. Sarah has clients who come from all over the country on a regular basis and also receives calls from men and women seeking advice on what to look out for in a therapist.  Also, when waxing someone for the first time (wax virgin), Sarah tends to work slowly so they are not put off for life.  If at any point during the treatment you don’t like it or you are uncomfortable Sarah will stop. Sarah mentions to all of her clients that if they are nervous or worried they are more than welcome to bring someone along to keep them company.

When professionally done the pain is minimal, but you must be realistic, we are taking hair out by the root.  The second time you wax it will not hurt as much as your first appointment.  Let me explain, the first time you wax, the hairs are all adult hairs that are very strong especially if you have been shaving on a regular basis.  The second time you wax the hairs that are growing are baby hairs and they just don’t have the same hold as adult hairs, so they come out a lot easier.  Also a lot of clients have commented that the experience isn’t as bad as they first expected.

A full body hair wax is when we wax all visible hair out (not including the fuzz hair) from the neckline to the toes and everything in between. We discount a full body waxing because it gets rather expensive to price it separately.

It doesn’t matter how hairy you are.  A strip of wax is a strip of wax.  Sarah has male clients who get their back waxed even after they have had laser hair removal.  Laser seems to thin out their hair so they wax easier. 

Not at all, professional’s understand that this may happen, we will try to make you as comfortable as possible.  We do our best to keep you covered up at all times. Believe me after a few minutes of waxing the situation goes away on it’s own. Don’t worry about it.  Sarah may suggest that the treatment stops and take a break from that area for a while.

The first time as with any wax it can hurt just a little, but with Sarah’s technique, most men say it isn’t as painful as they anticipated.  When performed properly, it is rare for the skin to come off. 

No, this is not normal part of being waxed, but it can happen!  If you are getting bruised when the area is waxed it could be because the area is not being stretched enough.  When waxing this is a hands on experience for the therapist as well as the client.   When waxed correctly, this should not happen.  No, this is not normal part of being waxed, but it can happen!  Another reason for bruising could be due to a contra-indication i.e medical ailment or medication.

You will drape a towel over yourself.  We do our best to keep you covered up and not feel exposed.

At least 1/4 of an inch. The longer the better. Please don’t shave or trim your hair before you come in.

Once you start having waxing done on a regular basis, it should slow down and thin out the hair growth. Also it shouldn’t itch like it does if you have been shaved. On the first time re-growth can probably be seen within about a week, this is due to the fact that if you’ve been shaving the hair will be cut off at skin level, this hair will be under the skin, ready for re-growth. After about 4-6 weeks if you wanted to carry on waxing, this would be the recommended period of re-growth. After that, you shouldn’t need waxing for at least 4-6 weeks and the re-growth should start to slow down, i.e. you shouldn’t see any hair for at least 2-3 weeks. This also depends on the speed of hair growth on yourself.

Sometimes the hair follicle will put out a little blood. It will all be gone by the time we are finished. It is recommended that clients use an antiseptic cream around this area for a few days after treatment.

Only if you are truly blessed. However, it should thin out.

Let me assure you that Sarah is very professional. She takes pride in making you feel comfortable and relaxed during your waxing procedure.

Absolutely, we are very open minded, feel free and welcome.

Yes, we use a clipper to cut down the hair length anywhere on the body except the testicle area.  This is a great alternative to men who don’t want to get waxed but want the hair almost gone.

Sarah is the only therapist who carries out men’s waxing. You can call the salon or e-mail her with your questions. If you do e-mail her, you must make the subject line “waxing” or it will be deleted or get put in the spam folder.


Avoid moisturisers/makeup/deodorant before a waxing session.

You can take Ibrobrufen an hour before waxing if you are sensitive.

Please don’t shave for at least 10-14 days before you come in.

Let the therapist know if you have never been waxed before, be aware and ask questions.

Exfoliate during the week running up to a waxing appointment.

If you have had a bad experience before, tell us about it so it isn’t repeated.

Do not have waxing if you are just getting over a cold (facial waxing).

Don’t wax if you are/have been using any acne medication, Retin-A, glycolic or hydroxy acids.

Take a hot shower before bikini waxing, it will make waxing easier.

Don’t wax the day you get married or a special occasion. It is not the time to experiment!!!

Read the aftercare advice leaflet.

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