Halo Therapies
Mobile Complementary Therapies & Beauty Treatments
Halo Therapies
Mobile Complementary Therapies & Beauty Treatments
Halo Therapies
Mobile Complementary Therapies & Beauty Treatments
Halo Therapies
Mobile Complementary Therapies & Beauty Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full-service salon with a complete range of options, including skin care and analysis, sophisticated and individualised body treatments, massage therapy, manicures and pedicures, make-up, waxing, and holistic options that encourage a lifestyle of health and wellness. Halo Therapies services are available as à la carte items as well as part of packages and custom spa parties.

Halo Therapies provide all the services of a salon or day spa – from tables and candles to luxurious treatments – within the comfort of your home, office, hotel or other location of choice. Our mobility provides you with more convenience and a deeper sense of relaxation than travelling to a salon or day spa.

Our packages have been carefully chosen to provide the ultimate experience.

A spa party is no ordinary party! Halo Therapies Spa Parties are the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to the luxuries of a salon or day spa in a fun atmosphere at your home, office or event. Like any other form of entertainment that you hire for a party, our spa parties include “treatment stations” where your guests can be pampered. All you do is invite your guests and contact us. We do the rest – from organising the event and setting the mood to providing all the services.

Apart from those listed, we can create parties built around any theme or incorporate anything designed to suit your personality and occasion.

Halo Therapies is perfect for rewarding employees and clients, creating memorable fundraising events, and refreshing trade show attendees. Halo Therapies is also an excellent resource for all event planners and convention coordinators as they look for unique ways to attract and retain visitors. We are also greatly involved in fundraising for many of the local schools.

As required by law, Halo Therapies uses only top-quality, qualified and insured specialists – waxing therapists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and makeup artists – to perform all of our services. Additionally, we only work with those who have the highest levels of professionalism, courtesy, reliability and responsiveness. All services are salon-quality and include cutting edge products.

All treatments are performed on a massage table or suitable equipment. Our therapists arrive to set up. They take great care in insuring y our privacy. Your state of dress depends on your level of comfort. Please make sure that there is appropriate space for the therapist to set up their tables and create the right ambiance. To protect their safety, we ask that you keep all pets and young children in other rooms to avoid any contact with candles or other products that may be harmful. If you have any questions about preparation, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

If you are pleased with the services you have received, it is customary to give a gratuity to your therapist.

Halo Therapies will travel up to a 10 mile radius of base location, but are happy to travel to locations further than this but will require a £25.00 minimum spend.

Clients must be at least 16 years of age. In the case of a princess/teen party, we ask that at least one adult be present at all times and we may require additional supervision in certain instances.

Our spa technicians will refuse a treatment to anyone who has broken skin or lesions and that has not mentioned medical conditions at the time of booking. If you are pregnant, please state your condition prior to treatment.

We recommend that you have a minimum of five guests to participate in our memorable party experiences.

Anyone is welcome to be present to witness our memorable spa experiences.

We provide a 15-minute grace period on all confirmed appointments. After that, we will leave and you will still be responsible for the full amount of the confirmed services. For spa parties and events, we cannot guarantee full-service if someone is late for their start time. If it fits into the party or event schedule, we will try to accommodate the late guest. For those who do not keep their appointments, the full fee is expected. However, if a guest does not show up at a party or event and you have paid for their services in advance, the other guests may take advantage of the treatments that had been previously reserved.

Weekends book up quickly so we suggest making a reservation well in advance to ensure the time of your choice. We do accept last-minute bookings, so please check with us.

At present we accept cash or we can set up a bank transfer

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